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We take pride in having the right equipment for your job at Bowling Green Hydraulics. We have many years experience in repairing all types of industrial cylinders. Due to our well-equipped shop we have the capability of rebuilding hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders from small to large. Our shop can handle cylinders 2' in diameter to 30' long.

Cylinder Services Offered

  • Metric/Standard Cylinders

  • Import or Domestic Brands

  • Cylinder Rod Replating

  • Custom High Temperature Seals

  • Cylinder Testing

  • Crack Repairs

  • Custom Made to Order Cylinders

  • Large Diameter Industrial Press Seals

Quick Quality Workmanship

Call and schedule your cylinder repair because in some cases we can give our customers a same day or 24 hour turn around.


Pictured to the right is a custom head gland machined for a customer that had problems w/their cylinders not lasting under high temperature conditions. With this new glad design & our custom specification high temp seals they are running 15+ cylinders w/NO reported failures.  

Superior Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilding Services

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